What are H1B Consultants?

Those of you who are looking for H1B sponsors may have heard of H1B consultants as one of the easiest ways to get your H1B filed.

But what exactly are H1B consultants?

H1B consultants are companies that subcontract their employees to client companies, such as Paypal, Google, etc.

For example, if Paypal has an open contract position for a Data Analyst, Paypal will reach out to the H1B consultant to get the position filled. The H1B consultant will then look for a candidate who is a good fit for that position. If you are a good fit, the consultant will hire you, sponsor your H1B, and subcontract you to Paypal. Paypal will pay the H1B consultant, and the H1B consultant will pay you.

Unlike regular companies that are reluctant to file H1B visas due to the risk of the H1B lottery, H1B consultants are willing to sponsor your H1B. They are aware of the risk of the H1B lottery, but they are willing to take that risk. Why? Because they make money from hiring you: If the client company pays the H1B consultant $100/hour, the H1B consultant will keep a percentage, typically 25%, and you get the remaining 75%. This is the H1B consultants business model.

Now that you know what H1B consultants are and their incentive to sponsor your H1B, it’s time to reach out to them and get your H1B filed!

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