H1B Lottery 2017 – Results and Updates

Update: Get the latest updates for the H1B Lottery 2018


Just like in the past few years, USCIS conducted another H1B Lottery for fiscal year 2017, which is a a random lottery to determine who will get one of the 85,000 H1B visas available each year to foreign skilled workers. USCIS announced this week in a post that it received more than 85k applications in the first 5 business days and that a random H1B lottery 2017 will be conducted.

Bad but expected news for all your applicants, especially those who have been trying multiple times in a row.

The fate of all H1B applicants will be decided by a random lottery this year

Latest Update: 5/9:

The H1B Lottery 2017 is rolling. Premium processing is almost over and law firms started receiving regular processing receipts.

  • April 11: Started receiving premium processing receipts
    • Numerous law firms confirmed that they started receiving receipts from Vermont for premium processing cases 
  • April 13: Receipts from California Processing Center
    • The first receipts for premium processing from California started to be sent out via email. Still no update on the total number of applications received.
  • April 13: 236,000 Applications received USCIS confirmed here the number of total applications as well as the latest day that PP will begin.
  • April 13 Premium processing will begin no later than May 16
    • that means if you don’t get a receipt by that date and you filed under premium processing, you were not selected in the lottery
  • April 19: Lawyers started to receive paper based receipts for regular processing cases.
  • April 20: Several law firms stopped receiving Premium Processing receipt notices via email. However, others are still receiving email receipts for PP. Rumors say that Fragomen and BAL are among the law firms still receiving email receipts. Don’t give up hope yet for the H1B Lottery 217.
  • April 22: USCIS changed the date to start processing premium receipts to May 12. That means you have until May 12 to receive a PP receipt. If you don’t get a receipt notice by then, you did not get selected in the H1B Lottery 2017. This was announced here.
  • May 2: USCIS announced that they completed the data entry for all the H1B petitions that were selected in the lottery. Based on previous years experience, your attorney should be getting your Regular processing receipt notice in the next 10 days. If you don’t receive it by May 13, chances that you got selected are very slim. However, you can only know for sure that you did not get selected when you receive the physical package returned in the mail, which typically happens in June and July.
  • May 9:  As expected, law firms continue to receive Regular processing receipts from both CA and VT centers. They  should continue to receive receipts until end of this week. If your attorney did not receive the your RP receipt by end of this week, you should seriously start thinking about H1B plan B options.

There are probably many questions in your head, which I will answer in this blog:

  • How many applications were received?
  • What are my chances of winning?
  • How many Masters Cap applications were received?
  • What exactly is the process?
  • When will I be notified?
  • What to do if I did not get selected?

Bookmark this page, as I will update it as we receive new updates and insights from USCIS and our attorneys.

What is the H1B Lottery 2017 and how does it work?

The H1B Lottery is a random lottery conducted on all applications the USCIS received in the first 5 business days, if the number exceeds the annual mandated cap of 85k applications. There US government has an annual cap of 85,ooo H1B visas each year. if the USCIS received more than the annual cap, there will be a random lottery to ensure a fair allocation of all US H1B visas.

The H1B season starts on April 1 every year and you cannot send in your application before that date. That means that all applications received before that day will be rejected. Because of that everybody and their mother submits an H1B application on April 1 every year. The result: way too any applications and the need for a lottery. This gets worse when the economy is good an more companies are hiring, and when too many people file multiple H1B applications.

The process is as follows:

  1. USCIS opens the annual H1B application window on April 1 and keeps it open until it reaches the annual cap of 85,000 visas. – DONE on April 1
  2. If the USCIS receives more applications than the annual cap it stops accepting H1B applications. This happened effective on April 7 (when USCIS announced there will be an H1B lottery) – DONE on April 7
  3. USCIS then takes a few days to conduct the random lottery and will announce when the lottery was conducted. At that time it will also announce how many application it received. This did not happen of today. Usually we will know the week after it announced that the cap was reached. DONE on April 11
  4. After the lottery is done USCIS will start sending out receipt notices to those lucky enough to be selected and to those who filed their petition under premium processing. Receipt notices will be send to your lawyer via email. If you filed under premium processing and did not receive your receipt by the end of April, chances are you did not get selected. In Progress (started on 4/11) – until May 16
  5. USCIS will continue sending our paper based H1B receipt notices for those who filed under regular processing. This process can take quite some time due to the physical nature of the process (print receipts, send via mail, …).Based on the past years experience, attorneys receive paper notices until mid-May. After mid-May, it is very unlikely that your RP petition for selected. In Progress – started April 15
  6. USCIS will start sending rejection notices to all those who did not get selected. This is the last step and starts somewhere at the end of June and can go all the ay until beginning of August. In Progress – started May 2

Based on the above, it can take up until the end of June until you know that you have not been selected, if you did not file under premium processing!

“… It can take up until end of June until you know that you have not been selected …”

What is the Masters Cap and what are my chances of winning?

Out of the 85,000 H1B visa available each year, 20,000 are set aside for applicants who have earned a US Master’s degree or higher. The degree must be from an accredited US university. If you have a a degree from a US university your chances of winning are higher. Why? Because you are competing with fewer people. The way it works is as follows:

  1. USCIS conducts a separate H1B lottery for applicants with advanced degrees first (20k cap per year)
  2. Everybody who did not get selected in this Master Cap lottery then moves on to the general pool and has another chance of winning the lottery. You now compete with the rest of the world for the remaining 65k of available US visas.

If you have a US Masters degree your chances of winning the lottery are much higher because you are competing with fewer people

If you don’t have an advanced degree but would like one to improve your chances, here are some cheap and fast ways how you can get a US masters degree to increase your chances to work in the US!

How many H1B Applications were received under the Masters quota?

This will be published much later in the process. Last year it was ~50K, i.e. more than twice as many as available slots. We don’t know yet how many masters vs. regular were present in the H1B Lottery 2017.

Read my other post about your chances of winning the lottery with advanced degree.

 What is premium processing and what are the benefits?

For a fee of $1,250 you can pay for premium processing. Premium processing guarantees an adjudication within 15 days of receiving the H1B application. Because the USCIS set itself an SLA, it will process all premium processing applications first. And because it has such a tight deadline, all processing and notifications will happen electronically, i.e. your lawyer will receive an email confirmation when you got selected in the lottery.

You will typically get notified within the first 3 weeks after the H1B lottery has been conducted. That means you will know by the end of April if you have been selected in the lottery.

If you did not file under premium processing, you have to wait until end of June, because you will be waiting for a paper based receipt notice, which takes time to issue and to mail.

“If you filed under Premium Processing you will know by the end of April if you got selected”

One thing to remember is that it does not increase your chances of winning the lottery. The lottery is completely random and is independent of you filing under premium processing.

Update: In the H1B Lottery 2017, USCIS announced that it will begin processing premium processing applications no later than May 16, 2016.


When will I know if I got selected in the H1B Lottery 2017?

This is the general processing order priority of H1B applications in the H1B Lottery 2017:

  1. Premium Processing Masters ap – ETA end of April
  2. Premium Processing Regular Cap – ETA end of April
  3. Regular Processing Masters Cap – ETA End of June
  4. Regular Processing regular Cap – ETA End of June

There will likely be overlap between regular and masters cap so don’t get discouraged if your friends already got notified and you didn’t. The processing time depends on processing center and other factors difficult to predict.

The first receipt notices will go out as soon as the lottery is conducted and they will go out to folks who filed under premium processing.

“You might already know as soon as next week if you got selected in the H1B Lottery”

How do I know if I got selected?

There are three main signals and I will explain all of them below:

  1. Your lawyer receives a receipt notice
  2. Your check with the processing fee got cashed
  3. Your SEVIS status has changed (if you are on F1)

Let’s dig into each of them.

The most obvious one is receiving a receipt notice. An example of an email and paper based receipt notice are in the following picture. If you receive the receipt notice that means that you got selected.

 H1B Lottery 2017 Receipt Notice - Paper
H1B Receipt Notice – Paper

Keep in mind that only your lawyer will receive the notice. You will never receive it personally, because it is the company who owns your H1B petition.

The second signal is that you check got cashed. If your petition was selected USCIS will go ahead and cash your check. So if you or your company noticed that your check was cashed, you were selected in the lottery.

The final one applies to all F1 students who applied for a change of status. If you lottery was selected and processed your SEVIS status will change to ‘COS-approved’. You can reach out to your DOS o confirm whether a change in the SEVIS record has happened , and if so, it means you were selected.

The above processes happen all at different times and do not happen all at once. They are shifted in time.

“You will know that you were selected if you receive a receipt notice, you cash got cashed, or if your SEVIS status changed if you are currently on F1”

What if I don’t get selected?

if you don’t get selected, not all hope is lost. You can try again next year or follow any of the H1B alternatives that I have outlined of you.

Next Steps?

  • Wait for next week to confirm exact application numbers and for the H1B lottery 2017 to happen –> Done on April 11, 2016
  • Wait if you receive a notification from USCIS
  • Work on your Plan B in case you did not get selected in the H1B lottery.

Good luck! Post any questions you have below!


123 Replies to “H1B Lottery 2017 – Results and Updates”

  1. Is lottery for this current year is done or is going to happen in this month.
    I m confused some of my colleagues saying was done on 12 Apr and some of them not yet done .
    Could you pls provide the exact status..

    1. Hi Pavan,

      the lottery was done on Monday 4/11. The results are final. Now is the time where USCIS is sending out receipts. First premium processing and then regular processing.

      What quota did you apply under?

    1. USCIS stopped accepting any new filings after the first five business days and the lottery was conducted on April 11. So yes, if your H1B was filed on April 18th, then you didn’t make the deadline and your petition will be rejected.

  2. Under Premium Processing you say there is a mandated 15 days to complete the processing. When does the 15 day period start? Is it from 1 April, or is it from the date of the Receipt? Thanks

    1. That really depends and is hard to predict. For PP you usually get notified first before the cash gets cashed. In RP it can happen that your check gets cashed before you receive the receipt notice.

      Again, there is no real expectation in terms of timeline or date. It all depends in what order your petition gets processed.

      If it is the first one after premium processing are done, you might see your check get cashed mid April. If it is the last one it could very well be end of May or later.

      1. Hi Jaspreet,

        My employer filed my h1b in regular processing but I have not heard anything yet. The data entry was complete on May17th. Can I still expect anything?

    2. Can happen either at the time you get the receipt, before that, or after. Really depends on the order it was processed. I have seen it all.

  3. Petition filed under premium processing for masters quota. I havent got any notice about lottery yet. How long should I wait? Do I still stand a chance?

    1. Sorry to hear you haven;t heard back yet. As it stands most PP receipts have been sent out already but not all hope is lost. Theoretically, you have until May 12 to receive a PP receipt. Realistically, I would say that if you don’t receive it by the end of next week, it is over.

      I know that a lot of law firms stopped receiving premium processing receipts by email this week. But I know that some others like Fragomen and BAL apparently still receive PP receipts in the email.

      Chances are getting smaller every day but don’t lose hope yet.

      What visa are you currently in? There could be some plan B options that could work quite well for you.

  4. hi , i applied for the premium processing for the year 2017. any way to check online or i still need to wait for the company applied for the updates. i was told by the company that 16 out of 24 got picked up by the lottery but they have informed me whether it is for me or not. by right the company may know from the check got cleared for the individual person applied for ? please let me know your answers thank you

    1. Only your company or the law firm who filed your visa will be notified whether you got selected. There is no way for you t check your status unless you know your receipt number. Only your lawyer or company can share that with you.

      If you applied for premium processing and haven’t heard back yet, it is most likely over, although you theoretically still have time until May 12.

  5. Hi, I have filed H1B visa for the year 2017 in RP and I am still waiting for the result. So could you please tell until what date I have possibility to receive receipt notice?

  6. will lottery pick also take into consideration under which company or consultancy h1b is filled? because no one has selected from my company out of 10 in PP as of today.

    1. Hello Srinidhi,
      No, H1B lottery is completely random without bias towards companies or consultancies. I’m sorry to hear no one was selected from your employer. If they were filed under PP, the last day to receive a receipt notice would be May 12. I’m sorry to say that chances are very slim by now, but don’t lose hope. I will be writing about H1B plan B options very soon. Stay tuned!

  7. A little over a week ago you mentioned how you heard some law firms were still receiving PP receipts. Do you have any update from the law firms about the current trend. I understand that PP has very few chances now, but in past years I have known people who received their PP receipt very close to the Premium Processing start date (that is May 12 this year). Rumors help with the confidence sometimes, so it will be good to know if you have any helpful insights. Thanks.

    1. Hello Karan,

      I haven’t heard of any law firms receiving premium processing receipts. As you said, it is possible to still receive a PP notice very close to May 12, but chances are very slim. I understand your frustration and the best advice I can give you at this point is start exploring plan B options. Stay tuned as I plan to write about this very soon 🙂

  8. Hi,
    I applied trough RP and I haven’t receive anything yet. The lawyers say I probably need to wait until this Friday otherwise I am pretty much out of the game 🙁

        1. May 12 is the latest date at which USCIS will start processing PP cases. if you have not received a PP by May 12 – it is over. There is no clear date for RP – but historically it has been around June.

  9. H1b transfer under regular processing filed by my enployer on April 20, normally I understand it takes 10 working days for the receipt but still as of May 5, I haven’t got my receipt number and even the check is not cashed. Is there anything to panic how long should I wait ?

    1. Don’t worry – it is a busy time for USCIS. It can take some time especially if it was not PP. Did you hear back by now?

  10. As we now know that USCIS has completed all receipt processing on May 2, is there still a chance for receipt notices (regular) to come in? In most blogs the general perception is that it is all over. Do you think all checks may have been cashed by now?

    1. RM,
      Yes, there are still chances of getting the receipts notice for Regular processing. As you said, USCIS completed the data entry on May 2. The receipts were sent out by USPS Standard mail, which can take up to 8 days to deliver the physical notice. That means that it is reasonable to wait until May 13. Good luck!!

    2. Don’t worry about check caching. This can happen much earlier or later after you receive your receipt. You can still hope until June.

  11. Hi,

    Thanks for your valuable information. Correct me if i am wrong, the approximate deadline for RP receipts will be done by may 15 ?

    1. Typically all receipt notices for RP would arrive by mid May. If you haven’t received it yet, chances are very low that you got selected :-/

  12. Hi ,
    My visa got selected in april 26th but till now we didn’t receive receipt no.Is there any chances like this.if I ask my employer he is attroney didn’t receive mail yet? What we can do? Please reply

    1. Rupa, how do you know that you got selected in the lottery, if you haven’t received a receipt notice from your attorney?

    2. Hi Rupa,

      Mine was the same case…cheque encashed in april however no receipt yet….employer says there is no update….do we still have chances to receive receipts this week?

  13. Hi, I got selected for the H1B which is a great news. My company filled with expedited processing.
    When should I expect a decision from USCIS? I have a trip scheduled for Memorial weekend ( May 26th) and I am currently on L1B and wondering if I should be able to get the final decision before to leave.

      1. I got the approval notice and copy of it. Can i travel
        With copy or i need the original? I m
        Planning to leave and re enter with my L1. Am i gonna lose my approved COS?

  14. Hello! I got picked in the h1b lottery. Got notified by my employer last april 27. What are the chances that my petition will be approved? Does the USCIS have high rejection records? I am a professional in the medical field applying for the same work title in the states. I asked my employer if being picked equals getting approved and she said it depends on the adjudicator. Please give me some advice. I am really getting anxious everyday.

  15. Hi, Is there still any chances in getting H1b being picked up. I applied in regular processing and still didn’t hear any information.

    I lost hopes on this but still according to some friends they say regualr processing takes time and you can even get selected in June.

    Please advise

  16. Hi is there any chance for RP? Still haven’t received any update from employer….do we have any deadline for RP receipts? Heard that last year applicants received receipts til end of May…can we expect the same this year??

    1. Yes, there is definitely a chance for RP. There is no deadline for regular processing receipts. You should be patient and wait as we know that many attorneys are still receiving RP receipts in the mail.

  17. Hi , I have applied in regular, till now i did not hear any information. Is there any chance still we have to wait .. ?

    1. You can still hope until end of June. Friends have received their receipt notice this week – It is not over yet!!

  18. Hi All , I have applied in regular, till now i did not hear any information. Is there any chance still we have to wait .. ?
    Please update

  19. Hi,
    My company filed H1B this year under regular processing. My org hasn’t received any status on my application. Can I still expect an positive outcome?
    One more question, will the applications not selected are also processed along with the selected ones?

    1. Yes, you can still expect a positive outcome. Many attorneys are still receiving regular processing notices in the mail. Don’t lose hope and check back with us later this week for updated stats.

  20. HI,

    I was informed by my employer that check attached to my H1B petition has got cashed. But i no receipt as of today. Until when should i wait?

    1. If your check got cashed, that means you got selected in the lottery! Congrats!
      The next step is getting the approval notice (hopefully no RFE) and with regular processing it can take various weeks or sometimes months. Be patient 🙂

  21. Hi, Is there still any chances in getting H1b being picked up. I applied in regular processing and still didn’t hear any information.

    I lost hopes on this but still according to some friends they say regular processing takes time and you can even get selected in June.

    please support with your response


    1. That is correct. Don’t lose hope because we hear from many attorneys that they are still receiving regular processing notices. Be patient and keep positive!

  22. Hi
    My daughter has applied h1b in regular process through her company Pwc
    Still she has not received any answer.
    Upto which date she should wait

    1. It can take several weeks or sometimes months to get the regular processing receipt notice. We know that many attorneys are still receiving regular Processing receipts, so the game is not over yet!
      Check back with us again by end of week. We will have updated stats on regular processing.

  23. I just received my receipt : RP/VT/AD!!! Thanks for this awesome blog. It gave me hope throughout the entire process.

  24. Hi,

    I applied for H1B in RP .. Still didn’t get any update. When reached my consultancy they said,no mails were received and the cheque was not cashed. But till June they can’t confirm anything.
    Does this mean, I’m not selected in the lottery?


    1. You cannot conclude that. There is still a chance that you will hear back but the chances are low. Start looking into plan B options. I posted them before in the comments. This can help you bridge the gap until next year.

      You can still hope until end of June.

        1. Yes, caching of the check and receiving the receipt notice is not necessarily synchronous. Delay is expected between these events.

    1. Hey! No worries. I am here to help and give hope. Folks are still receiving receipt notices but they are now very less. I would say chances are around 5% that you can still hope for good news. But there is still hope. I know of two people who received their notice yesterday.

  25. hi, my employer informed that my application as been picked in lottery on april 26th and still today i dint get my receipt number. should i wait for some more days

    1. How do they know your application has been picked if they did not receive a receipt number? The only way for you to know you were selected is if you receive a receipt number. Does your employer hide it from you? Why does he not share the number? Is it an H1B consultant? What firm?

      1. No my employer said dat he vl update with receipt number by the end of dis week. Still waiting. Wat abt u?? Did u get d receipt number??

  26. Hi,

    I have applied for H1b Regular processing, have not received any update till the moment. My employer said that its over, dont expect anything. I am still not losing hope. Is there any possibility that still there is hope, or still can we expect receipt numbers even in june also? I am pretty much sure that i am not selected in lottery, this is happening for the past 3 years

    1. Sorry to hear that. I know of many cases who applied three times and did not get selected. We heard of cases that still received receipt notices this week. So don’t give up hope yet. But start looking into plan b. H1B is getting less and less reliable.

  27. Hi,
    My employer applied for H1B for me (Regular Processing). One of my colleagues received a receipt on 2nd May. But no information about my application still.

    Is there still hope? Till what timeline can i remain hopeful.

    1. There is still hope for regular processing but chances are getting lower every day. We received receipts this week, but only very few. Check back with us next week.

      1. thank you for your reply!

        so if i go for a plan b (cap-exemption), do i have to wait for my application to be returned (master’s cap) or can i just submit another (cap-exempt) whenever i want? do they consider it to be duplicate?

        1. If your cap-subject H1B petition wasn’t selected in the lottery, you don’t have to wait until the package is returned to file a cap-exempt H1B petition. You can file the cap-exempt petition anytime and it won’t be considered a duplicate.

    1. Don’t give up. There is still hope. Start looking into alternatives though. But we still received receipts this week.

  28. Is there still any chances in getting H1b being picked up. I had applied in regular processing for my husband and still didn’t hear any information. when I checked with my consultancy they said we need to wait till June
    is this correct ?

    1. Yes, there is still a chance you get selected. Remember, receipts arrive via snail mail. Today I heard from a friend who received his notice. Don’t give up but start looking into Plan B options.

  29. My employer shared a list on May 17 in which around 1000 got selected out of 4000 applicants. They said that for remaining they are yet to receive the status. Does that mean that all the remaining are rejected or is there still chance that USCIS is still sending the receipts?

  30. Hi All , I have applied in regular, till now i did not hear any information. Is there any chance still we have to wait .. ?
    Please update


  31. I haven’t heard back on my application. I understand chances are advancing to 0%. I am not a student is US. What alternative do I have?

    1. Nani,
      I would say yes, because in the past years people have received notices even in June. But chances get smaller and smaller as time passes. It wouldn’t hurt to start looking into plan B options.

  32. Hi Jaspreet, many of my friends have received the receipt on May 1st week in our office. Since then i did not hear anyone receiving the receipt. I am too waiting for the receipt confirmation. Its May 23. Is there any chances that I may get selected.

    1. Oswald,
      Yes, you could still get the notice in June. But chances are getting very slim at this point. You should start looking into Plan B…

  33. Hi Team,

    One of my colleague received news on friday that she got selected? can we expect any receipts this week or is it over 🙁



    1. Raghu,
      Theoretically it’s not over until you receive the package back in your mail. But chances of getting a receipt at this point are very slim. Wait until end of this week, and if you don’t get any receipt, then you need a plan B.

  34. Hi,

    I received an e-mail (or rather the company who filed my H1-B) on April 26th saying that my application has been selected / picked in the lottery.
    Checked with them last week (May 18th) and they said that they still have not received the receipt number.
    Can you please let me know if my application will go through or should I give up hope.

    1. Hi Adarsh,

      if they received an email from USCIS then they DO have the receipt number. The initial email from USCIS has the receipt number. So if your employer claims that he did not receive it yet, he is lying to you.

      Did you maybe confuse your question with approval notice? i.e. you have the receipt number but you have not heard back about USCIS’ decision? if that is the case, it depends if you applied via PP or RP. Since your employer received an email, it seems they applied via PP. In that case you should expect a decision no later than May 27. if you don’t hear back by then, something is wrong.

      Tell your employer to forward you the email they received from USCIS. You can use that to check the status yourself.

    2. Hi Adarsh,

      How did your employer get to know that you got selected if they dont have a receipt notice? Is it through the encashed cheque??

      1. Thanks Jaspreet/Raghu for your reply. They said they got an email.
        My case is regular processing.
        I’ve asked them about the cheque encashment yday. Let me see what they come back with.

  35. Hi Jaspreet,
    After I posted the previous comment, I checked my email and the employer had shared the EAC number with me. They said they received it yesterday.
    -thanks and regards

  36. Hi,

    My Employer said that my case got picked and provided the receipt number filed under NON-AD/PP. I am unable to see my receipt number in online :(. starts with WAC*

    Validation Error(s)
    You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:

    My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

  37. Have they started sending approvals or rfes for premium processing? The date was supposed to be last may 27 right?

  38. Hi!
    Thank you for the detailed information. Right now my chance of getting picked in the lottery is probably 0 but I still haven’t received the rejection letter from USCIS. Am I allowed to keep working passed my OPT end date until I receive that letter?

  39. Hi my attorney filed my petition under RP. Until today there is no news. What are the chances? Is your plan B published yet?

  40. Hi Jaspreet,

    I have applied H1B under RP. And Today (5th July 2016) I spoke with my Attorney. He said “they yet to recieve Approval or Rejection Letter”. they asked me to wait for few more days. can i keep hopes +ve ly (or) -ve ly. Please reply me.



  41. Hello,
    After I received my receipt number, when I check the status, I’m getting the following message.
    On May 20, 2016, we transferred your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACxxxxxxx, to another USCIS office. That office now has jurisdiction over your case. We sent you a notice that explains why we moved your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your notice by June 19, 2016, please go to http://www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice.

    Can you please let me know by when I might get my petition? My consultants have not been of much help.
    -thanks and regards,

  42. I got my receipt number in around May first week but not status change after that.
    it shows “Application received” from last 2-3 months.
    When can I expect the status to move? mine is a regular processing not premium.

  43. Hi Jaspreet,

    I was informed by my employer that my cheque got encashed on July12th. But its been one month but still my employer told me that they did not get any receipt notice.
    What are other options to know the receipt number. Will the Employer able to know
    the receipt number when the cheque got encashed through email/number printed
    on cheque.

    How much time it will take to get the receipt notice after receipt notice?

  44. Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction

    On May 20, 2016, we transferred your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC*****************, to another USCIS office. That office now has jurisdiction over your case. We sent you a notice that explains why we moved your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your notice by June 19, 2016, please go to http://www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    This is my status on USCIS which has not changed since July. What does it mean?
    Does it mean RFE?

  45. Hi,
    Can you please confirm if the reject case no starts with these below letters? And is it same as the filing case #?
    VRN **********

  46. Hi,

    I got the H1B lottery approved on May 4th 2016 which I applied through my company under normal processing. Its been more than 5 months as of now that I didn’t got an update on H1B. When checked with employer they told they haven’t heard from USCIS as the latest status is “Receipt Copy Received”.
    Didn’t got any RFE as well. When can I expect an update on the visa status or are there any odd chances I will get rejected?

    Thanks & Regards,

  47. My query is “I am from Hyderabad India. My H1-B for Fiscal 2017 has been approved by USCIS and I am awaiting for the Approval Orders. After getting the H1-B approval Orders of USCIS along with “Offer letter of Appointment” from my Sponsorer, if the terms are not acceptable to me, can I even before going to embassy on the basis of the said offer for Stamping, while remaining in India “can I seek another employer and seek H1-B transfer through him?

  48. Hi,

    I am a Master’s STEM graduate and worked in US for 2 years on my OPT and OPT STEM Extension. I had my H-1B filed once but my petition didn’t get picked in the lottery. I went back to India and I pursued an MBA. I have a job based on my MBA degree. My company might file my H-1B in 2017 and I have a few questions about H-1B Master’s cap

    1) Can I be eligible in the Master’s quota in 2017 even if my company is filing my H-1B from India?
    2) If yes, would I be eligible under the Master’s quota in 2018 as well if my H-1B petition isn’t picked in 2017?
    3) Would my MBA degree (non US from India) impact answers to 1 or 2?


  49. my employer file my petition for H1b 2018 , i didn’t received receipt notice or not a rejection letter yet, One of my check was clear for i-539 , i ask my employer about this check they said they did not file H4 for family and the check which was clear i-539 thats for my L1b family recapturing , that check goes with h1b petition,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,My question is as per i m understanding uscis never open petition which was not select in lottery so how my one of the check clear…? what i have to min for that i m selected in lottery….? second thing my l1b with family pettion submitted on may-24 and one check clear which was in h1b petition on 1st May ….how it is possible that check clear in advance before applying……Plz guide me i m totally confuse on that….

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